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Australia Ethical equitation is the practice of horsemanship incorporating techniques and tools that do no harm to the horse and lead to a willing partnership between the horse and the human, both at liberty and in constraint. Horse industry in Australia. Australian equitation ethics horsemanship.

Ethical Equitation in Australia & equine science - Equitation would embrace all riding disciplines - dressage, eventing, show jumping, racing, western riding, reining, trick riding, polo, polocrosse, endurance, leisure riding, trail riding and so on. But does it include non-riding disciplines such as harness racing, carriage horses, miniature horses and stud horses for example? To answer this question it is necessary to parse the word 'horsemanship'.

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Ethical Equitation is an independent, self-funded and not-for-profit website that promotes continuous improvement in our interactions with horses and with each other in sharing a common passion.  It seeks to achieve this by being a platform for dissemination of academic and other informed debate about ethical equitation - topics that are both well documented and some that are less-discussed.

The website is not a traditional blog and it doesn’t aim to restate excellent information that already exists in the public arena.  Ethical Equitation is unapologetic in that it will, at times, canvass and challenge practices that are still considered the ‘norm’ in equitation - practices that largely go unquestioned by horsemen and women everywhere and are sanctioned by equine governing bodies.  My aim is to prod complacency and provoke debate about these practices.

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Ethical Equitation

Ethical Equitation is horsemanship that incorporates techniques and tools that do no harm to the horse ee-tiny